Open Mic

Open Mic Night is a live show where audience members can perform on stage, sharing  selections of their work in an allotted time frame. Although the event generally caters to musicians, other arts such as poetry readings and comedy are also welcome.


Open Mic Night provides an outlet for local musicians/performers, and offers them the  opportunity to gain experience performing in front of a live audience without going through the process of booking a regular gig.  This event not only allows musicians in your community to network with each other, but also brings live entertainment to your establishment at a low cost.



The host brings their own sound equipment and coordinates a rotation of acts throughout the night.  Performer’s sign up in advance with the host, and play during an allotted time frame (generally between 20-30 minutes depending on how many performers are signed up). The host also acts as the house soundman, monitoring noise levels at all times. A featured act, or house band can also be provided upon request.

Open Mics are generally held in the middle of the week, or sometimes at the end of the weekend when sports entertainment is low. There is generally a large amount of  returned customers, or “regulars” if the event is scheduled on a weekly basis.  However, bi-weekly and monthly Open Mic Nights are also available depending on your establishment's schedule.



¯ You will gain a new customer base.  Not only will musicians flock to your doorstep, but they will also bring their friends/fans to come watch them perform.

¯ People will come thirsty and hungry on a week night, making your establishment and employees more money!

¯ Live entertainment right at your doorstep.  Looking to fill your entertainment schedule and book live music?  Look no more; musical acts will come to you and provide you with a live sample of their work.

¯ Provides your business with a significant amount of local advertising and exposure


¯ Sound equipment (inclusing but not limited to: speakers, sound board, microphones, lights, and other miscellaneous stage accessories.)


¯ Drum kit & bass rig upon request, at an additional (but modest) rate.


¯ All marketing/promotional aspects related to te event.  I provide all forms of electronic and print advertising.


¯ My personal following of musicians (and all of their friends!)  



Acoustic Open Mics include a full PA.  They accommodate acoustic solo performers and other smaller acts.

Electric Open Mics include a full PA in addition to a drum set and bass rig.  They accommodate full bands and larger acts.

Is your venue large enough to accommodate a full band in addition to more customers?  Then an electric open mic setup is right up your alley.

Is your venue on the smaller side and close to other businesses or residential areas?  Then an acoustic open mic setup may be more appropriate.


Contact Jennifer Eagan to Book an Open-Mic Night!


Phone: (443) 373-3981


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